UNI Passport
Planning to work abroad?

With the UNI Passport you can continue to enjoy trade union protection when working temporarily in a foreign country

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Why the
UNI Passport?

A period in your life spent working in another country can be incredibly rewarding and can develop your career. However, it can also bring with it many challenges. How do you cope with day-today issues at work, and in your new community? How do you resolve important, but complex, matters such as pension plans or health protection?

The answer is the same as when you are in your home country – by belonging to a trade union! In fact, it is when you are working abroad that you need the advantages which come from trade union membership more than ever. With a UNI Passport it is possible for you, as an individual member of a trade union that is affiliated to UNI Global Union, to maintain your membership of a trade union in your country of origin and tap into a powerful network by becoming a guest member of a trade union in the destination country to which you relocate for a period of time.

Your UNI Passport enables you to contact the right union for you in the country of destination. It also enables you to seek access to some of the solidarity and support which UNI-affiliated trade unions offer to their own members. We hope that you enjoy the UNI Passport!